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The Amazon rainforest is an essential part of our planet and we must take action to preserve it. Indigenous people hold the key to sustainable practices and the untapped potential of the forest.

By supporting these communities through buying their crafts and art we not only bring the beauty and exuberance of the rainforest into our homes, but we also support the local economy, foster sustainable practices and contribute to the preservation of the Amazon.

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Anduba is a purpose-led lifestyle brand that connects people with nature through elevated sustainable design. Everything we curate is handcrafted and produced in small batches by Brazilian creators.

We aspire to empower indigenous communities in Brazil, fostering economic opportunities, and to contribute to the conservation of the rainforest.

We believe in creating a better future for both our generation and future generations, while drawing from the wisdom of those who came before us. We believe that everyone should have equal access to opportunities and outcomes, and that humanity is interconnected with one another and the planet.

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  • The bright orange shapes of the Kayapo painting that I bought for my partner's birthday make me think of the artists in the rainforest, of Anduba's beautiful mission, and best of all, of the turtles that inspired them. What an honor to have their shells alive on my dining room wall in Denver.

    Annie Anzalone (Denver, Colorado)
  • In a world where sustainability and ethical practices are of paramount importance, owning this beautiful artwork (Kayapo painting) is not just a display of art appreciation but a statement of support for a great cause. I am proud to have this piece in my collection, knowing that it represents a harmonious blend of beauty, culture, and sustainability.

    Carmelo Stanco (Miami, FL)
  • We so enjoy the Anduba art pieces from Mato Grosso. The Conoinha seeds (fortune boats) are so rich and earthy. The works light up the room!

    Ronnie Bowen (Jacksonville, FL)
  • I was thrilled to receive my beautifully-packaged Fios necklace in the mail. As someone with young kids who doesn’t get out or shop much, I love how this statement piece immediately elevated my outfit for a recent special event. I loved the colors and the look of it, and I also appreciated knowing where it came from and a little about the amazing women that had crafted it. I plan to be a repeat customer!

    Kimberly Bartlett-Ra (Boston, MA)
  • I absolutely love the Anduba vases we purchased that now stand out as beautiful statement pieces in our home. The deep black of the Bossa vase captures the eye of everyone who sees it, and our family loves the fact that these pieces came directly from and directly benefit the artists in Brazil who created them. Thanks Anduba!

    Greg Rawson (Denver, Colorado)
  • Buying Waxamani's painting was a way to bring beauty and meaning into our home. I am grateful to have it on our walls!

    Melanie Torres (Denver, Colorado)
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    We work exclusively with creators who share our commitment to sustainable practices and have a deep appreciation for their relationship with nature.


    We strive to give creators a platform to share their heritage. Moreover, we believe in paying them fairly, which is why we contribute 25% of our profits back to them.


    Humans have an undeniable yearning to feel connected - to be a part of something greater than ourselves. We are passionate about creating spaces that nurture this connection.