At Anduba, we are driven by a firm belief that being close to nature not only enhances our quality of life but also fosters a profound connection to one another and the planet. Our mission is to bring the beauty of nature into everyone's home while promoting sustainability through thoughtful design.

We curate a collection of beautiful and unique pieces from Brazilian creators who share our commitment to sustainable practices and possess a deep appreciation for their relationship with nature. These talented artisans not only create stunning crafts but also embody the values we hold dear.


SUSTAINABILITY: We work exclusively with creators who share our commitment to sustainable practices and have a deep appreciation for their relationship with nature. We recognize that the decisions we make today will have a significant impact on the world we will leave for our kids and grandkids tomorrow.

PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT: We strive to give creators from underrepresented communities a platform to share their unique heritage with the world. Moreover, we believe in paying them fairly, which is why we contribute 25% of our profits back to them. By prioritizing diversity and economic empowerment, we hope to foster positive social change.

CONNECTION: The name Anduba comes from the Tupi-Guarani language and means "feel." It encapsulates our belief that to truly be one with nature and understand our place within it, we must allow ourselves to feel its beauty and magic with our souls. By doing so, we not only connect with nature on a deeper level but also recognize that we are part of something greater than ourselves.


The Amazon Rainforest is a unique and essential part of our planet. It is home to the largest biodiversity on Earth, houses 10% of the world's species, and produces 20% of our planet's drinking water. However, the Amazon is under threat due to deforestation and other human activities, often in the pursuit of short-term economic gains. If the Amazon rainforest were to disappear, the consequences would be dire not only for the region itself, but for the entire planet. 

Preserving the Amazon rainforest requires urgent action. People who have lived in the Amazon for thousands of years possess a wealth of knowledge in sustainable practices that are crucial for preserving this precious ecosystem and unlocking its untapped potential. 

Purchasing products from  communities located in the rainforest is an effective way to strengthen the local economy, provide livelihood for numerous families and foster sustainable practices. By valuing and respecting the traditional knowledge and practices, we can help preserve these communities’ way of life and contribute to the conservation of this incredible biome.

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Born in the heart of Brazil's rainforest, Flavia Pereira moved to the United States at 24 years old, received her MBA from the Yale, and worked as a high profile tech executive. Everything was going according to the plan… until it wasn’t.

Searching for meaning, Flavia returned home to Brazil and found what she was missing - the powerful and meaningful connections between community and nature. She was revitalized by how Brazil’s spectacular beauty plays an integral part of daily life with its full sensory experience, rich with sounds, colors, tastes, smells, and textures, strengthening our interdependence with nature and one another. Flavia wanted to share the best of Brazil with the world. By realizing her life’s passion, she hopes to inspire those in her adopted home, the US, to live more connected, joyful, and beautiful lives.

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